Calendar 93 App
Calendar 93 App
Calendar 93 App
Calendar 93

We are proud to present the "Calendar 93"! This app specially developed for the Ordo Templi Orientis by the Parsifal Lodge team.

App Purposes:

  • Simplify event management processes and reduce dependency on social media platforms.
  • Provide information about events and create a secure space for international interactions.

Calendar 93 can be helpful for guests wishing to attend open events, such as the Gnostic Mass, without intending to join O.T.O., and potential candidates for membership.

The key features are available only to registered users who are valid O.T.O. members. After registration, they can view events not only in their local body, but within other bodies, with ability  to submit participation requests. The secretary gain access to an event management tool designed exclusively for O.T.O., tailored to our organization's needs. 

Currently, the app provides three types of access:

  • Guest. Users who are not O.T.O. members or not registered in the app have access only to open events. They can send requests to attend these events and choose their local body in the "Guest Portal," which the app automatically remembers until they exit the portal.
  • O.T.O. Member. Registered users have access to all events. They can choose roles, assign themselves to roles, or indicate their intention to participate as visitors. Registered users automatically directed to the body where they registered, with an option to select a different body in their profile.
  • Local Body Secretary. After a specific registration procedure, secretaries gain full access to event management in their body, along with detailed instructions and support.

Our team continues to work on new features. If you want to register in our app as an official Local Body of the Ordo Templi Orientis or have any questions -contact us through the "Contact Us" option in the app. We are always ready to provide instructions and receive feedback or suggestions.

Calendar 93 is available on the App Store (link only) and Google Play.

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